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Several factors must be considered before choosing the best coating for your project. Its unique physical properties make some coating materials more suitable than others. When choosing a coating, the first thing to keep in mind is the process or processes you’re going to be putting that coating through. Which coating would be the best for your next project? We will be happy to help you determine how to get what you need and still keep the costs as low as possible.


A quality durable coating is dependent on the cleaning and treatment phase of the project. We offer a five stage Nanotechnology wash and treatment for most production parts. Our wash system can handle items to 3' x 3' x 6'. In addition, we also offer a complete steam cleaning using 100% steam that is not limited by size. This is not a hot water pressure washer that people call steam. This is 100% steam. We offer a phosphate coating for surface preparation to provide excellent adhesion and to minimize corrosion.


Safeway Services offers powder coating, solvent coating, water based coatings and a host of other specialty coatings. We apply these in any one of our two Wagner automated powder lines, our electrostatic wet lines or our fluidized bed. Powder Coating is applied to all tyopes of surfaces either electrostatically or by fluidized bed. When applied electrostatically it is followed by a cure time in an oven. When applied in a fluidized bed the part is heated first and then dipped in the bed of powder. We offer everything from pre-treatment and cleaning to masking. Special components are also available for your projects that require unique attention including antimicrobials that combat the growth and migration of bacteria.